Monday, August 10, 2020

Shake Hands, Buddy, So Long

Carol Stivers
Featuring the trumpet of
Jim Steinkircher

Shake Hands, Buddy, So Long

WI-4011 From the Wilbee Album "the Many Voices of Carol Stivers"
Wilbee Music Co., 160 Wood St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa 18702

Personnel on the record is:

Trumpet - Jim Steinkirchner
Piano - Richard Rome
Guitar - Robert Walter
Bass Guitar - F. Kirk Hamilton
Trombone - C. Dudley Lowden
Drums - Ronnie Di Stefano

Written by Marie S[tivers] Rice, born around 1918, who seems to have been the main force behind the Wilbee label. Label "topper" was her younger brother Bill Stivers. Carol Stivers was her niece.  A family affair.

Marie S. Rice, writer, speaker and musician, is the author of "Michelle Danielle Is Dead" (1985), a biography of ex-trans Michelle Danielle and her transitions from man to woman to man. After this book, Michelle would transition back to woman.  Ex-ex trans, then. The term is perfectly defined here

The anti-transgender movement claims that many trans people, especially Christians, regret transitioning and go back to living in their birth gender. These people are often paraded as proof that transgenderism is unfulfilling.  However, many of these ex-trans people later become ex-ex-trans and transition back into a transgender identity. Years later, gender defenders still hold these people up as if God had changed their gender identity.
Oh my head...

Carol Stivers
Carol Stivers

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