Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Shhhh... Listen! Do You Hear The Spoof ?

Twelve parodies of Elvis songs found at YouTube.

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AfromtheJ - SpaghettiOs                                    
ApologetiX - Found God                                     
ApologetiX - Jailhouse Rock                                
Brad Westmar Show -  In The Butthole                    
Elvis Banta - Don't Pick Your Nose                         
Jimmy Pavaroddy - Can't Help Calling in Sick With the Flu  
Kenny Novack - Did You Eat Beans Tonight                   
Paul Shanklin - In a Yugo                                  
Radioactive Chicken Heads - Burning Lathe                  
ros7age -  Love Me Tinder                                  
Sal 1959 - Return to Sender                                
Unknown - All Dug Up         

Last track (All Dug Up) is by the unnamed winner of a contest at a radio station in Eugene, Oregon in the mid-90s

As the snow flies
On a cold and grey Chicago mornin'
A hungry young man has a craving
for some SpaghettiOs

and his stomach growls
'cause if there's one thing
this world don't need
it's a hungry young man
denied a chance to eat
Some SpaghettiOs

People don't you understand
he's just trying to open up a can
but no can opener is in the house today
he takes a look under the sink
opens all the drawers
stares and blinks
then he slowly turns his head
and sighs in dismay
and his hunger burns
and a hungry young man with a runny nose
goes to the store but the store is closed

no SpaghettiOs

still his hunger grows
he knocks on all his neighbor's doors
but no one answers
so he goes back home

no SpaghettiOs

then in a fit of desperation
the young man grabs a knife
he stabs at the can but he cuts his hand
tries to stop the bleeding but the cut's too bad then
his Mama calls as his life ebbs away,
a hungry young man face down in the kitchen
with a knife and a can of SpaghettiOs

and the answering machine records
message from this mother, she's on her way
with the can opener she borrowed yesterday
and SpaghettiOs........

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