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Chippin' Little Baby

Little David

Chippin' Little Baby

Rod 45-7002

The Rod label, named after swamp pop musician Rod Bernard, was started in 1959 by Floyd Soileau owner of Swallow and Jin Records in Ville Platte (Louisiana). After Rod Bernard's amicable departure for Mercury in 1959, Floyd Soileau badly needed other potential hit-makers to fill the void. He decided to enlist the help of Huey Meaux, the Crazy Cajun barber from Winnie, Texas, who became a formal partner in Jin in 1961.  But their association didn't last long, and they went their own way the following year in 1962.  Little David and Don Travis, the last artists recorded by Rod, were certainly brought by Huey Meaux. Don Travis was once a member of The Scholars with Kenny Rogers. But this was the very first recordings by Little David, guitarist, singer, songwriter and performer from Houston, Texas.

David Dunn

David Dunn (Little David's real name) recorded for Twist (as Little David Dunn), for Lori Records (operated by Charlie Booth, Huey Meaux' business partner), Golden Eagle, Picture, and much later for Big T in the seventies. Very little info could be found about David Dunn online. It will be interesting to known a little bit more about him.


61 Chippin' Little Baby/ It Can't Be True (Rod 7002) as Little David
62 Please Don't Go/My Gal Rockhead (Twist) as Little David Dunn
63 I'll Never Let You Go/ You Made Me Love You (Lori 9541)
63 Say Ain't It So/Toot Toot Tootsie (Lori 9545)
64 Rock Me/ Say Ain' It So (Golden Eagle)
66? Oh, Dancing Doll/Oh Pretty Baby" (Picture 8833)
7x  It Only Takes A Few Minutes/Hey Now, Mama (Big T)
7x Time After Time/Foolish Teardrops (Big T)

Note: in bold type in the (probably incomplete) discography above are the songs you will find in this zipped file

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