Monday, November 29, 2021


This Ava Electris Cannie in all her glory, when she was still young and fresh. That was on Bosstown Records. From 1981 according to discog, but reviewed in Billboard in November 1982?. Title unknown, but you can see the picture sleeve (above)

Ava and the Tidal Wave Tour were:

Ava Electris Cannie - lead vocals
Jon Butcher - guitar
Jeff Linscott - guitar
Ben Kay - keyboards, backing vocals
Chris Martin - bass
Derek Blevins - drums
Jerry Martin - backing vocals
Alex Space, now a Tom Jones impersonator (no kidding), produced Ava Electris on the Ava and the Tidal Wave Tour. According to the press notes, Orbits keyboardist Alan Fiske helped her out, although he is not credited on the record itself.

Among other bad company, Ava later did some backing vocals for GG Allin.  Last news from her courtesy of Google:

Cannie, Ava Electris was born 26 July 1952, is female, registered as Republican Party of Florida, residing at 12959 Hunt Club Rd N, Jacksonville, Florida 32224.

Ava, a female? I had no doubt. 


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  1. A very fresh-faced nearly 30-year-old in that picture.