Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Low Blow Blues

Charles (Shorty) Bacon 
and his Rhythm Rascals
Vocal Pat Patrick

Smead F. Kelley, Barrister BMI

Mohawk Records
and Publishing Company
P.O. Box 2731, Long Beach I, Calif.


Shorty Bacon and his band played in several clubs in Southern California and on Cal's Corral show on KCOP Channel 13.   Shorty returned to Texas where he performed in the Temple area in the mid to late 60's.  With his Rhythm Rascals and later with The Scrambled Eggs (70s), he recorded for Ozark ('60), Impact ('61), Toppa ('63), TSM, Stoneway (72), Chart ('73) and Resco ('78).

Owner of the short-lived Mohawk label was likely Smead P. Kelley (was he a barrister?)

Relatively few info is available on Shorty Bacon.  There is few interesting (but scattered) tidbits found at The Steel Guitar Forum 

Even less info (no info at all, that is) as for the singer, Pat Patrick, who (I assume) is also the singer on all the Shorty's other Mohawk sides.

"Super Jivin' Lulu", the other side, is on YouTube.

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