Sunday, July 21, 2013

Don't You Know?

Andy Wilson And The Leesures

Don't You Know?
 (A. Wilson, Robadon Music BMI)

Destiny 506, 1961

Recorded, like most of the other Destiny releases, at Audio Recording Studio, Cleveland, Ohio.   

Andy Wilson was a Canadian act who was recorded there when he played engagements in Lorain.  

Terry Gordon's Rockin' Country Style has a Andy Wilson discography, which includes a record on Backbeat Records.  But that doesn't sounds at all like the same singer.   You can hear "Too Much Of Not Enough" here (YouTube)

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  1. Maybe the Andy Wilson on Backbeat is the Andy Wilson who recored Hillbilly on Republic (TN) & Dot (TN) & Teen R'N'R on Athens (TN)

    Andy Wilson 1