Saturday, July 20, 2013

Walkie Talkie Baby

The Levee Songsters
featuring Joe Gowder
with Larry Lucie Orchestra

   Written-by Joe Gowder
Bettsam BMI
Karen Records 1004

This is a re-issue of Rego 1004 issued in 1956 as by the Teen-Tones (=the Mello-Harps on Tin Pan Alley),   The group story is told by Marv Goldberg HERE

Karen Records was owned by veteran music man Sam Wigler,  who managed (or worked with) several pubberies (Ford, Jewel, Encore, Pollsam, Mellin Music..).  The Rego label was also perhaps his own.   Last release on the obscure Rego label was possibly #306 (Cal Starr backed by the Anita Kerr Singers : Yes, I'm Robbin' the Craddle)

Karen Records (1959-1960)
1004 — The Levee Songsters
1005 — The Dungaree Darlings With Al Sears Orch
1006 — Marcella Kern 
1008 — King Coleman
1009 — The Nocturnes  
1010 — Dick Thomas (Miami address

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  1. Rego (NY) 45 - 1004 Teentones Label shoot here