Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry

Steve Rowland
with Earl Palmer and band

Joe Thomas - Howard Biggs
Coblin Music Co. BMI

Intro 6098


Cover of a song first recorded by Roy Hamilton (Epic Records, 1954) issued on the soon-to-de defunct Intro label, the country-arm of Eddie and Leo Mesner’s Aladdin records.

Steve Rowland (born Stephen Rowland, 3 September 1932) is singer, columnist, record producer and actor. He grew up in Beverly Hills and now lives in Palm Springs, California. His father is film director Roy Rowland ("The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T"), his mother Ruth was a writer.

In 1950s, Hollywood, he went on to act in thirty five TV shows such as "The Rifleman", Bonanza, Wanted: Dead or Alive and a two year role in The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp. Film appearances included co-starring roles in Battle of the Bulge with Henry Fonda; Gun Glory with Stewart Granger; Crime in the Streets with John Cassavetes and Sal Mineo, and the original The Thin Red Line with Kier Dullea and Jack Warden.

Steve Rowland Wikipedia article (no mention of his 1950s records)

Steve Rowland discography
56 Liberty 55030 - Steve Rowland and The Bystanders
How Many Miles
Flat Wheel Train

57 Intro 6098 - Steve Rowland & Earl Palmer band
Say The Word
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry

59 Virgo 1003 - Steve Rowland
Dear Little Pen Pal
How Would You Like It  

63 Cross-Country 1-1818/9 - Steve Rowland and The Ring Leaders
Here, Kum The Karts
Out Ridin'    

70 Bell 863 - Steve Rowland & Family Dogg
Moonshine Mary

 Steve Rowland signed to Intro Records
Billboard, 1957, June 3

Actress Natalie Wood stands on the shoulders of actor Steve Rowland 
at the Thalians Beach Ball which was held at the home  of Elaine Stewart on July 15, 1956 

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  1. What is the correct age of Steve? On his Facebook web site it says he's 76 today. I always thought he was born in 1932.