Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Little Bit Of Some Of You

Debbie Sciame & The Rhythm Rockets
Words & Music by Debbie Sciame

Sha-La-Mar XB-2610/1

1968 (if Capitol custom pressing)

Audio is from mp3 of very low quality, probably from a record well played to say the least.  But this a so good and so obscure chick bopper......  Take that Cees (Klop)!
Rockford, is the second largest city in Illinois after Chicago.  Yet Rockford sheltered very few records labels in the fifties or the sixties : there was the Rustic label (Jimmie Dawson, 1957). There was also Allstar Records (Jim Friis And The Valiants, mid-sixties).  And Vincent Record Co. (Vincent Chiarelli?).
To that very short list, you now can add Sha-La-Mar.

Rockford housed  the Time Museum (now closed). It was the world's biggest museum dedicated to the history of humankind's efforts to measure time's passage.  Behind the times however is Debbie Sciame.  She bop like if the surf, the twist or even British Invasion have never happened.
No info about Mrs Sciame, unfortunately.

The only other record found on the same label is by Mr. Lonesome And The Knight Riders.   Mr. Lonesome is quite likely Bill Davis.  Bill Davis and/or the Knight Riders or Knight Ryders on Sara, Cuca and Ator,   The latter was located in a Rockford suburb at 1819 Juniper Lane, Loves Park.


  1. Can you tell me the titles & rec # of the Mr. Lonesome 45?
    BTW, yes,Vincent is Vincent Chiarelli. His son is also a mucician & is a facebook friend.

    1. Gary,

      Mr. Lonesome And The Knight Riders :
      Lonely Mr. Blue XB-2608
      I'll Be There When You Call XB-2609
      (words and music by Bill Davis)

      Also issued on Cuca 1199 as by Bill Davis and the Knight Ryders