Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Dave S. Trio

Dave Schumock & Gene Lawrence
Pub. Sixteen-Ten Music (BMI)

Birthstone Records

Tacoma, Washington


Odd rocking instrumental with accordion, sounding in some parts almost as a Cajun band !

This Mount Tahoma High School band was led by David Lloyd Schumock (1947-2008) and included Gene Lawrence.   A  (later?)  line-up is listed in the Pacific Northwest Bands discography HERE  Page has a picture of  the band.

The quite obscure Birthstone label was perhaps owned by Attilio ("Art") Mineo, a jazz pianist, who, thanks to his connections in the East Coast introduced the Wailers and other Northwest acts to Golden Crest.   Chance Eden, a Birthstone recording artist, was later signed by Roulette Records.

Here was a man who knew Jacqueline Kennedy, Al Capone, Frank Sinatra, Babe Ruth, not to mention all the musical greats of the 20th century,” said Barry Johnson, a local opera singer and good friend of Mineo.

Mineo also wrote operas about the Mafia, though he made clear he wasn’t part of the official organization.

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