Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Come Along Santa

Delores Bissette

(Vida Nixon)

Nixon Records

(© 19 February 1962)

Vida Lellon Munden Nixon (1894-1988), North Carolina native, was a composer of songs and hymns for children.  See hymnary.org for a list of some of her songs.

A Kay Bank pressing from 1962

Coming soon to this screen*
  • The Panthers on D&C
  • The US Beatles on DR
  • Tiny Morrie (his first on Hurricane)
  • Jerry Jaye on the Label label
  • Little Brad Williams (awful kid singer, clips only)
  • Bill Eagle on Reeta Pass
  • A little something on Chuck Nix
*unless I'll found out that they are already blogged, youtubed or butchered elsewhere!

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