Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Big Butter And Egg Man

Butter Ball Paige

B. Paige, J. Jacobs, J.P. Copsey
Charayjim Music BMI
Rose 109
produced in Nashville by Ray Petersen

Late sixties

Hubert McBride Paige 

Hubert McBride Paige is the birth name of Tommy "Butterball" Paige who was a Nashville steel guitar musician, song writer and lead guitar player in the Ernest Tubb Band, until he was fired by the band leader in 1949.  He recorded for Bullet Records in the early fifties and was doing some platter talk  in various towns (Miami, WBAL, Baltimore, WNAO. Raleigh, N. C, where he opened up the  "Tobacco Barn Drive-In Grill," named after his DJ program.

In 1968, he was named A&R director for the tiny Rose Records and manager of the affiliated publishing company, CharayJim Music. located at 801 17th Avenue South, Nashville, which also was the address of Sims Records. 

One Ray Petersen produced these Rose releases.and might have been the label owner.

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