Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Miss Gloria Smyth
The Princess Of Song
Saxie Dowell, Joy ASCAP

April 1959

"Playmates" is a popular song ostensibly written by Saxie Dowell. The main theme was note-for-note plagiarized from the 1904 intermezzo "Iola" by Charles L. Johnson, for which Johnson sued, settling out of court for an undisclosed sum. [Wikipedia]
The tiny Sierra Records was located at the same address in Hollywood on Sierra Bonita as the address of her manager, Robert Leonard, who may have owned the label.

After another single recorded for Sierra, Gloria Smyth was heard by Richard Bock, president of World-Pacific Records at Jack Denison's supper club in Los Angeles who signed her to a recording contract. A dozen of songs were recorded by World Pacific, and issued on an album titled "Like Soul!".

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