Sunday, July 13, 2014

I Wish You Were Mine

Deloris Ealy

.A. Johnson - D. Ealy
Telldell Music

Velvet Records 101
Los Angeles, Calif.
Late sixties ?

Most of the releases on Velvet Records are from Deloris Ealy, who was managed by Aaron Johnson, head of Velvet Productions in L.A.   It seems that the label was reactivated in the late seventies for several releases by The Kenyattas backing Arlene Bell or other artists.  

At that time, Deloris Ealy was with Big Vick Productions (Victor Green in Oakland, Calif.) for at least one release "Deloris Is Back With Jerome And His Band / Don't Be Afraid" (Big Vick Hammond #401).

Telldell Music is the publisher, a name usually associated with Detroit music and Odell Bailey, but Dennis Talley (Stag Distributors Records) was perhaps also involved with the publishing company. ?

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