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Jan Doss

Jan Doss

Don't Say This Goodbye Is Forever
From The Best Of Big D Rock, Volume 2 (Collectables)

From The Bop That Never Stopped, Vol. 59 (Buffalo Bop, 1990)

According to Phil York {1}, Jan Doss was a tall, lanky guy with thick, black-rimmed glasses an inch thick.  He sang and performed well, but got carried away with trying to get unique effects, such as the weird lead guitar sound on these 1960 cuts.  His guitar amp was cranked up very loud, as was the tremolo knob.  

These tracks were recorded at the Lew Williams {2}, ' studios in Dallas.  It is not known if these two tracks, certainly from the Phil York archives, were ever released.

The only mention of Jan Doss I've found is in the Bryan Adams High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Dallas)  - Class of 1960 (probably the caption of a photography included in the yearbook)
Members of the NDCC and their dates enjoy dancing to music by Jan Doss and the Sonics. 1960 Military Queen Miss Betty Sharver Officers and their dates lead the grand march.

{1} Phil York, was a sound engineer.   He wrote the liner notes of the Collectables CD From The Best Of Big D Rock, Volume 2    He died in 2012.  See bio and obituary here

{2} Lew Williams, rockabilly recording artist (Imperial Records, 1956-1957) retired from performing in January 1959 and a few months later opened Le-Drene Productions, a recording studio and talent agency he operated with partner Adrene Bailey.

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