Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rhythm Un-Huh

Maurice White

Rhythm Un-Huh

Mila Pride, Cedarwood BMI
Pride 1003
1908 Lebanon Road, Pho. AL-6-0019 Nashville, Tenn.


Mila (Shoemaker) Pride was born circa 1903 in Nashville, Tennessee and was an operator-clerk for the service of the Railway Company, Tennessee.  She also wrote songs in her spare time.  And she managed to recruit singer Maurice White for her vanity Gold and Pride labels.  "Rhythm Un-Huh" was previously issued on Gold in 1958.

Maurice White sounds here more like a Globe Studios song poem artist.  He also recorded, as Marty Wyte, a more energetic "Queen of The Mardi Gras" (issued three times, on Shammy, Revue and Brosh Records).  

A Maurice White/Marty Wyte discography can be found here (Rockin' Country Style)

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