Monday, April 20, 2015

Cruel World

Bible Time today at Dead Wax  :   Demigod Andy Starr  (real name Andrew Zachar,Jr.) was born in Bethlehem, recorded  in Nazareth, in a place called the Holy Family Gym.   More info at his Paradise Hall of Fame page.

Just A Walkin'  is readily available but not the flip (which was the hit side locally) Cruel World.

Andy Zachar :
I went on to record "Just A Walkin' " and "Cruel World". We went to Philadelphia to the Tony Star Studio along with a group called the Sinceres who was going to cut their first record with my band backing them.   In the Sinceres group was a backup singer called Jay Procter who later became Jay and the Techniques who had 2 million selling hits with "Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie" and "Keep The Ball Rollin'".

Going back to my record, as I said "Cruel World" was to be the B side. Lee Andrews [ed.: of  Lee Andrews and The Hearts]  was in the studio watching us record that day and as I was finishing up with "Cruel World", Lee liked the song so much that he came over to the mike and moved me aside and finished the last part of the song which sounded great. When it was over he said ' I know this was the B side which probably won't get played but I love that song and it's my kind of music. I just had to be part of that. I hope you don't mind '.

1959    Arcade 115     I Love You Baby / I Know It's True        Andy Starr
1959    Casino 111      My Love For You / Why Am I A Fool.   The Casinos
1960    Valiant 101     Just A Walkin' / Cruel World                  Andy Starr And The Casinos

The Casinos : Joe Defulvio, Jim Tulio, Sam Gentile and Andy Starr.

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