Saturday, April 11, 2015

Colonel Daniel F. Cunningham's Absolute Cure All - The Wonderful Elixer Of Life

The King Twisters

 Sax Kari, Kari Music Co. BMI

MasterCraft Productions 103

This short-lived label was located in Detroit  The Magnolias and The Mighty Cravers are the two other groups issued by the label.

I think it's safe to assume that MasterCraft Productions was owned by Sax Kari.

Isaac Saxton Kari Toombs was born in Chicago in 1920.  Sax Kari, according to Preston Lauterbach [*] had done it all to make a buck in the entertainment business: payola bagman, stand-up comedy second banana, composer of blaxploitation film soundtrack—for The $6,000 Nigger to be precise—emcee, leader of a big band, record producer, and talent broker, for starters. He’d worked in virtually every city relevant to 20th century American music, Memphis, New Orleans, Chicago, Miami, and New York, and in every genre from swing to hip-hop. 
Sax Kari died in Florida in 2009.

Sax Kari discography
Sax Kari as songwriter see the the BMI database online here (548 songs!)

[*] author of the book "The Chitlin' Circuit: And the Road to Rock 'n' Roll"


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