Saturday, April 25, 2015

Candy Man

The Deacons

Re-Car 9012

This is a cover of the Roy Orbison song.  Writers are incorrectly listed as Ron and Mills (?!). publisher is (correctly) January (BMI)

In 1962, five Johnson High School students on the east side of St. Paul, Minnesota, pooled their collective musical talents and formed a band called the Deacons (named after lead singer Jim Reiff, who had acquired the nickname “Deacon” – his father was a minister).

This is their third (and last) single for Re-Car, recorded in January 1965.  Jim Reiff had just left the band and was replaced by Earl Pritchard.   Dick Weeks (sax),  John 'Chico' Chinchilla (drums), Rick Youngberg (lead guitar) and Gary Starzecki on bass were the four other Deacons.

Their last record was for Soma Records in 1966 with "Empty Heart", a cover of The Rolling Stones.
A quality picture of the band can be found on "On The Flip Side" blog, provided you're able to scroll down which is not an easy thing to do !

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