Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dave Remington (Gateway Top Tune)

Dave Remington and his Orchestra

A Gateway Top Tune 1224
Who needs to hear the Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis original hit versions when you can have good old Dave Remington and His Orchestra covering these songs for a cheaper price (and in my opinion not doing here a bad job) ?  

Dave Remington's Orchestra is credited to only a few records on Gateway (all in 1957) on which as a backing band.  That year, the orchestra was behind Earl Robbins and the Remington Brothers.

Is this Dave Remington, later Chicago Dixie jazz pianist/trombone and band leader ?  Who knows ? Possible, but then he's probably not the vocalist on these two covers.
Dave Remington, a native of Rochester, N.Y., decided in 1955 to end the road  routine and settle in Chicago after his wife presented him their first child.  He worked as "a slave laborer" in an ink factory until his local AFM card was issued, then returned to jazz.  One of his first jobs came to an end when, in a burst of Capone-era revisited competition, an angry faction tossed a few sticks of sizzling dynamite through the club's window.  The event convinced Dave that better jobs existed and he moved on to work with Muggsy Spanier and George Brunis and with Dixie groups at the suburban Red Arrow and at Jazz Ltd. in Chicago.  Until mid-1956, he played piano on all jobs.

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