Sunday, March 13, 2016

I'll Get Another

The Sisters

Big Time Man
Clark, Debbi (BMI)
I'll Get Another
Chick Carlton, Debbi (BMI)

Produced by Aston-Clark

September 101

Undocumented female vocal group.  These Sisters are probably the same Sisters [see below] who had three singles on the soon-to-be-dormant Del-Fi label (By 1964, the label was winding down, with only eleven singles released, none of which charted. 1965 was even leaner, with only four singles released before the owner, Bob Keane decided to discontinue Del-Fi (and Donna) in favor of Mustang and Bronco.)

There is no info at all about this record in the various articles and discographies about the Arvizu Sisters.  Perhaps I should ask to Chick Carlton, writer of "I'll Get Another", who is still around to confirm my theory....

Ersi, Rosella, and Mary Arvizu
According to Mark Guerrero :

In the mid-1960s in East L.A., The Sisters were the Eastside's answer to Motown's Supremes.  Like The Supremes, they were three well-dressed, classy, female vocalists who could sing extremely well.  The Sisters were actually formed several months before The Supremes burst on the national scene.  However, according to Ersi and Rosella, although they liked and were influenced by The Supremes, they were more influenced by other female vocal groups such as Martha & the Vandelas and The Ronettes.  The Sisters recorded three singles in 1965 for Bob Keane's DelFi Records and were a fixture on the East L.A. music circuit of the era.  Ersi went on to sing with El Chicano on their second album, "Revolution," where she provided the lead vocal to their classic recording of "Sabor a Mi."  Rosella, a great singer herself, has done very well recording and performing ranchera music with some of the great mariachi bands in the world.  In 2005, Ersi and Rosella sang on Ry Cooder's Grammy nominated album, "Chavez Ravine," along with my dad Lalo Guerrero, Little Willie G., and others.  Ersi, Rosella, and Mary Arvizu are once again singing together in La Chicana and Her Revue, where they sing pop and r&b songs from the era of The Sisters with a rock band, as well as ranchera music with mariachi.

Ersi got into boxing in 1976
Picture credit : Ersi Arvizu
From Gene Aguilera : Mexican American Boxing in Los Angeles


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