Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fly Pretty Baby

The Pepper Pots

Fly Pretty Baby

Bernie - Roth - Writer
Fredrick BMI

Crystal Records

November 1958

Clean Chicago vocal group with jazzy backing. Johnny Dee was the leader of the Pepper Pots. Their two Crystal releases charted on local radio.

Pepper Hots Discography

58 - Crystal : Fly Pretty Baby / Coffee And
59 - Crystal 110 : El Cumbanchero /A Foggy Day
59 - Personality 1006 : Dee Light / Sahara
60 - Panlin 7320 : Ruby Duby Du / Leather Jacket Cowboy
60 - Zirkon 1019 : Ruby Duby Du / Leather Jacket Cowboy (Canada)
61 - Rella 1001 : Hum Along / Rock, Little Baby, Rock



  1. A nice song, thanks. A guess this is not the Stan Kesler owned Crystal label from Memphis. Different numerical system and possibly pased way up north in Chicago.

  2. Hi Bob, I've recently started blogging again and was wondering if you like what you see if you might add a link to your blogroll? Thanks very much.



    1. Yes Marie I'll catch that train!

      Link added.

  3. An addition to the discography: Rella 1005/1006, 1962, "The Lonely Little Gnome/Christmas Day" (see http://www.45cat.com/record/10051006)