Monday, February 4, 2013

Hey Baby

The Marauders

A division of Music Industries

Produced by Dick Michaels

1964 or later

Cover of the Bruce Channel hit

A old MP3 file and a picture of label saved on my computer many years ago seems to be the only evidence of the existence of this record.  The MP3 is probably unfinished and the label shot of poor quality.  Absolutely no trace on the net of the very obscure Marauders on the Banyan label.  I was resigned and ready to post it without comment.  And then, a last try was finally successful regarding the Music Industries and  the amazing life of his owner, Jack Millman.

Jack and ex-wife Ludmilla

Jack Maurice Millman has been composing and orchestrating music since 1948. He stopped his musical career as a professional jazz trumpeter in 1962 and moved to Big Sur for 2 years “to be a hermit.”.  In 1964, he opened up business as Music Industries on La Cahuenga in Hollywood. 

More on Jack Millman, plus Russian models, Tina Turner country albums, and the invention of the video jukebox HERE

Also worth of reading is The Ludmille Confessions, Ludmilla's blog, Jack ex-wife, a Russian model who appears on several Condor album covers.

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  1. Mr. Millman's back story is fascinating - thanks for the link!