Friday, February 1, 2013

Square Dance In The Park

Kay-Doll Sisters
With Jomail Trio

Cord Harmonica by Phil Monte
Figure Caller : Johnny Bytheway

Square Dance In The Park

Mike Elias, Blue Grass Music BMI
Bay-Uke 9
 1912 Western Avenue, S. Greensburg, Pa.,  


This is,  there is not much doubt,  a updated version of the song that the sisters Kay and Dolly first recorded in 1954 for Blue Ribbon Records as the Caroll Sisters, and re-issued on Decca in 1955 as by The Karroll Sisters.  You can hear the first version, courtesy of the Hillbilly Researcher HERE

Bay-Uke was owned by song writer and music publisher Matt Furin 

Billy Sha-Rae was the main working horse of the Bay-Uke stable. He had four records (out of the five first releases)

Matt Furin was previously involved in recording labels ownership with Howard Vokes (Vokes Records, 1955), with Joe Averbach (Round Up Records, 1955) and Fee Bee Records.  He also owned Jo Jo Records and Wig Wag Records, all out of Pennsylvania, before reviving the Round Up label in Nashville in 1965.

Sound file is from "Rock Girls Rock" Collector CLCD4526