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B. Gaudio, Bobob ASCAP

Yes C-6-A
S.P.C. Newark, N.J.


Cover of the Four Seasons first number one hit on Yes, a budget label, product of S.P.C of Newark, New Jersey.

According to Bob Gaudio, the song took about 15 minutes to write and was originally titled "Jackie Baby" (in honor of then-First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy).  At the studio, the name was changed to "Terri Baby", and eventually to "Sherry", the name of the daughter of Gaudio's best friend, New York disc jockey Jack Spector. One of the names that Gaudio pondered for the song was "Peri Baby," which was the name of the record label for which Bob Crewe worked, named after the label owner's daughter.   [Wikipedia)

Synthetics Plastics Company or SPC of Newark, New Jersey a plastics manufacturing company that made various items made of plastic including children's records and budget music albums was formed by Daniel Kasen in the late 1920s as a plastic manufacturer of buttons for the garments industry and game parts for the toy industry.

After World War II, Daniel and his brother Louis Kasen founded Peter Pan Records, in 1949, operating the label under SPC from then until 1970. 

SPC operated a lot of labels :  Ambassador Records, Caroleer, Clan, Diplomat Records , Guest Star,, Hear Now, Humpty Dumpty, Mother Goose, Mountain Dew, , Parade  (sold in 1961 To Premier Albums), Peter Pan,  Prom,,  Promenade,,  Pirouette,,  Power Records, Rocking Horse,  Scripture, Spin-O-Rama  (sold in 1961 To Premier Albums), Swampfire), Tifton ...

Yes #6 is one of the earliest in a C-series which released in 1962 and 1963 about thirty 45s covering the hits of the day recorded by pseudonymous artists.

In that series, different label names were used : Big, Curio, Peak, Power and Yes.  Some of these artists are also found on the Promenade label and on the Diplomat albums.

Here is a C-series discography compiled from original labels  :

Missing are #1 & 2.  Were they used?  

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  1. Thanks for all the great tunes


    the link for Sherry by the Glitters is dead

    1. Great to see your rundown on this SPC series. As you probably know, they also released quite a few featuring well-known names like Lloyd Price and Richie Valens, all of which were lifted from their 99 cent LP's. Just one minor correction: I interviewed a member of the Kasen family for my book on budget LPs, Rock Rarities for a Song. Spin-O-Rama and Parade wound up with Premiere because an in-law received masters from those labels as part of a settlement when he left the company. I've posted a couple of youtube videos on the budget labels under "Budget Record Rock Rarities" and "Rare Doo Wop Hidden on Budget LPs."
      Brian McFadden