Monday, February 25, 2013

Why Did You Leave Me

Billy Peek

B.Peek, Billy Peek Music Co. BMI

RCA press L8OW-4895

Peek Records 101

Produced by Rick Darnell & Ray Stallings
April or May 1960


Billy Peek was born in South St. Louis, and as a child growing up in the 1950s he lived for a time in an apartment above a bar known as the Peek-A-Boo Inn.   There he began playing the country guitar with his father.   When he was a bit older he heard the music of other burgeoning St. Louis musicians such as Chuck Berry and Ike Turner ...

Not long after the release of his first record (on Carter Records, "Pretty Blue Eyed Baby") Chuck Tillman and Peek were invited to appear on the St. Louis Hop's first anniversary show alongside Chuck Berry.  For Billy Peek this was a chance of a lifetime; not only would he be appearing on television for the first time, he would be doing so with his idol...

Billy Peek's main claim to fame is having played, recorded, and toured extensively with Chuck Berry, and Rod Stewart.


Billy Peek discography  (note: yes, same Billy Peek on Royal Crest)

Rockin' Country Style

Video Billy Peek with Chuck Berry - It Came Out Of The Sky (Santa Monica, 1975)

Video Producer Patrick Murphy profiles professional guitarist, Billy Peek.


  1. I think Billy did the duck-walk with his Flying V in the "Hot Legs" video by Rod Stewart. Rod also name checks him before the solo on "Young Turks" (c'mon Billy!)

  2. Thanks, great to see Billy playing in real life.