Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lover Please

Gene & Chris The Long Brothers

Scotty 45-GQP-651

Eugene Drew Long (1946-1998) and his younger brother Chris were both of Wheeling Island (West Virginia). They began their career at a very young age as part of the Long Family.  .The duo ended with the drafting of Gene to Vietnam. Later, Gene continued by singing with a local group called The Blenders for many years.


Scotty 651    
Gene & Chris The Long Brothers , 1964    
Rock Around The Clock /  Lover Please
Prod Joe Gorlock
Agogo No #, 
Gene & Chris The Long Brothers ,   1965?
Don`t Worry, / Linda,    
 Jubilee 5541 
The Long Brothers,   1966
Dream Girl / Lonely Time 
Prod Lou Guarino


Scotty was a subsidiary of Gateway Records owned by Bob Schachner.
Robert Schachner, a native of New Jersey, was the son of an audio aficionado.  His father owned sophisticated audio equipment and a cutting disc to manufacture records.  Schachner came to Pittsburgh to study drama at Carnegie Tech but transferred to Duquense University to study journalism.  While in school he worked part time selling records and produced recordings of the Duquesne University Tamburitzans.  He quit school in 1961 to open Gateway Recordings with an initial investment of $341.

Scotty discography
Division of Gateway Recordings, Inc. Pittsburgh, Pa.

424 Flecker And The Countdowns
615 John Ivey, With The Chapelaires
645 Exciting Avantis
651 Gene & Chris The Long Brothers
652 Patti And The Playboys  
811 Tony Coz
818 The Marlins
822  Ronnie King And The Passions
939 Ollie And The Go-Go's
No# The Hides

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