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The Hi-Fi's
with The Reveleers

Harrington, Blue Hill Music Pub. ASCAP

AVR 5001
A production of Audio Visual Record Co. Hingham, Mass.

Information below courtesy of Lennie Petze :
The HiFi's on AVR only recorded the one single. "Mr. Bee" and "Justine". 
The group consisted of three girls and a boy all in their young teens. They were Judi Harrington, Judy Harris, Carol Finch and Billy Mossman. The girls were all from North Weymouth but I'm not sure where Billy was from. During that time I had a band called The Rhythm Rockers and we would do record hops together and she introduced us to Lenny Collins who eventually joined my new band The Rondels.  
 Judi also married the lead guitar player in my group my cousin Jimmy Petze. Sadly Jim passed away in 1993. Judi lives on Cape Cod and we see each other frequently.  

Carol Finch tragically was killed in a car accident at 16 probably a year after the record  came out.
As far as The Reveleers, Len and Bobby Collins are doing well, Woody Cope became a Weymouth policeman now retired and I did hear that Jimmy Olsen had passed away.
The label was owned by Bud Winsloe (William E. Winsloe) who issued at least another 45 on the label by The Cymbols, also with the Reveleers backing (but Lennie Petze has no recollection of the Cymbols). Billboard magazine was rather pleased by the record which was reviewed in the Good Sales Potential section on April 25, 1960 :
THE CYMBOLS WITH THE REVELEERS   A False-Hearted Lover— AVR 5002 — Fresh-sound group does a folk-flavored piece of material. Lads have a good style here, with beat and zest. (Blue Hill, ASCAP)
  Springtime —  Fresh-sound vocal group does a ballad in legit style.  Group needs a more commercial arrangement, but has a pleasing effect nevertheless (Blue Hill, ASCAP)
More info about the Rhythm Rockers / Reveleers / Rondels here at their own website.

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