Thursday, September 8, 2016

I'm A Grimmie Baby

Mike Harris
and the Hi-Tides
I'm So Proud
I'm A Grimmie Baby

both wr. Ken Jenkins and Art Monday;
Kesa Music Co. (BMI)


Mike Harris was a close friend (and associate) of guitarist (and small studio owner) Bob Summers, that the sum of my knowledge gathered from the internet. .. that's not much.


60 Zuma 102 - Divine / Just A Memory
63 Krimmie 024 - I'm So Proud / I'm A Grimmie Baby
63 Doré 678 - Any News About Debbie /  Eternity    
64 Liberty 55744 - Come Along With Me / We Never Knew
65 Sidewalk 2 -  Sugar Toots / Good Guys
66 Sidewalk 905 -  Everybody Has Their Day / Dry Bones
Penned by Mike Harris

61 Surfer's Lament (The Lively Ones, Del-Fi)
61 Cryin' Guitar (The Lively Ones, Del-Fi)
63 Young and Lonely (Bob Summers, Challenge)
64 Follow The Rainbow (Terry Stafford, Crusader)
65 Gemini (In Orbit) (Bob Summers, Challenge)
65 In The  Beginning (The Parfays, Fontana)
67 Gonna Give You Back Your Diamond Ring  (The Sloppy's, Sidewalk)

Note : The BMI database also lists "Center Feature In The Playmore Magazine", a song recorded by Gracie Dee on the Nashville Blaze label in 1968. I believe that Mike Harris is a different man, a Canadian artist, as was also Gracie Dee.

Produced by Mike Harris

65 Stan Lee Black On Almo Int'l 222 (co-prod. Stafford, arr. Bob Summers)


  1. (1964) Epic (NY) 45 - 9749 : Little Miss Lonely - Mike Harris Arr. & Conducted By Garry Sherman
    same guy?

    1. Certainly not, Apes Ville. On Epic, that's Mikie, a girl

  2. Mike Harris' page at Discogs. FYI.