Sunday, September 11, 2016


J. Walker And The Pedestrians
featuring Little Willie Woolfolk


 J & W 900

When I started to do some research and first googling the band name, I was thinking it would be a rather easy research.  I was wrong.  In the sixties alone, they were at least three or four bands named J. Walker and the Pedestrians or Jay Walker and the Pedestrians [on Amy, Pine Hills and Meteor] and none seems to be the same band!  The one on Meteor (Upstate New York) in 1967 perhaps (but has a female lead vocalist named Dawn Wilson) ?

Mastered and pressed in Nashville, Tenn.  So these Pedestrians were probably somewhere from "the South"

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  1. Hi. I'm the author of 2 bks on WI music from 1950-69. I've come across a mention of a Jay Walker & the Pedestrians with a possible connection to WI's Cuca lbl, therefore I'm interested in whatever comes up related to this group name.