Monday, August 6, 2012

Lucille (live)

The Chessmen

vocal Ernie Jennings


3205 Meadow Lane
Decatur, Illinois


A popular Decatur dance band doing a cover of the Little Richard classic (live recording).

Later some Chessmen joined by three members of another local band, the Casuals, formed a R&B group in 1966 named "The Reel Blues".

RCA account 877T = Technisonic Record, St. Louis, MO



  1. Hi, I have another record by The Chessmen on the same label. The A side is called Bird Train, a stomping bit of R&B with great horns. The song is written (as is the flip) by two guys-Williams and Ritchie. The label is the same colour but just a little different in layout and a different font for Roit-chous. Vocal is by Hosea Williams.
    Great site BTW.

    1. Yes - Hosea Williams is my brother - thaks for posting this

      Le Bertha Williams

  2. I am just posting this up for sale on if any one is interested. Hosea Williams sang on the flip side of this one. It's called "I Just Lost The Girl I Love". It'll have a high price so shoot me an offer , I have no idea of the value cuz i cant find one that has sold. or is for sale. in fact this is the only one i have found in 6 years of searching.