Monday, August 27, 2012

The Girl From Saginaw Michigan

Linda Manning

“The Girl From Saginaw Michigan”


“Boo On You”
(wr. Dave Dudley)

Produced by Jimmy Key

Rice 5010


Answer to Lefty Frizzell's "Saginaw, Michigan", a song written by Don Wayne (Donald William Choate) and Bill Anderson.

Tom T. Hall
and Don Wayne wrote the answer song.

For a Linda Manning bio and discography, see

Billboard, Nov. 16, 1963

Nashville booker (Key Talent agency) and co-owner, with Jimmy Newman, of Newkeys/New Keys Music, Jimmy Key founded Rice Records in 1964.



  1. I remember listenend to Linda Manning's "Bonjour Tristesse" when I was a kid. The Dave Dudley composition was also recorded by him for his first album on Golden Wing Records. He was also one of the artists that was signed to Key Talent, among many other Nashville newcomers back then.

  2. Tom T Hall was a staff writer for Newkeys Publishing so there's a lot of songs on Rice he penned. Nice picture, I've always wondered what Jimmy looked like.