Friday, August 3, 2012

All Thru The Night

The Moore Twins
(Larry & Gary)

"All Thru The Night"

(J.O. Duncan, J.D.A. Music)

Cue Records #1053

1963 or 1964

The flip, "I'm Still Around", has an annoying female backing and can be heard indeed on YouTube, purveyor of great, of not so great and, mostly, of very bad music.

Larry and Gary Moore, twins from Brazosport, played the guitars and sang at various venues, radio and television in and around Freeport, Texas. It seems that they were very popular as some people are still remember them. Sheila Skaggs Hale, anwsering to a Fxxxbxxx inquiry inform us that "Larry Moore is in Hollister MO. I'm sad to report that Gary died many years ago.". Not much to add except that they also had another single, on the Todd label : "It Can Never Be The Same / Rosemary " (1964).

Cue Records was owned, in Houston, Texas, by Jimmy Duncan, songwriter, singer, composer, author, arranger and producer, best known for his 1957 song "My Special Angel", a #1 country/western hit for Bobby Helms.

I must say that I've been doing a lot of internet searches and that I'm still confused by several contradictions and little mysteries regarding the biography of Mister Jimmy Duncan. For now, I'd rather not say.

Cue Records had four different numerical series at various times :

79xx series - 1955-1957

Starting in 1955, just before Christmas, there was Cue #7923/4 by Jimmy Duncan himself (Goodbye To Love / I Asked The Lord). followed thru 1957 by a dozen of singles by the Scholars (member : Kenny Rogers), the Saints and the Sunny Land Trio.

1200 series - 1958

Four singles by The Angel Sisters, Don Angelo and the Saints. These four singles all resulted from some sort of a (rather surprising) deal with famed New-York producer George Goldner.

1050 series - 1963-1964

Dormant between 1959 and 1963, the Cue label was reactivated but had only a handful of singles, the most notable being by bluesman Gatemouth Brown (Summertime / Leftover Blues)

750 series (date unknown)

Two singles only (by Louise Hart and another by Chano)


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  1. What about Cue (TX) 45 - 7934 (Has same label design) Clefs Featuring David Drapela "Do You Care" (AKA Jokers, 5 Spots, Five Spots) don't know year or flip side