Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Pink Camel Walk

Four Daddy’O’s

"The Pink Camel Walk"
Gaylord Music BMI

Logan Record Co.
Madison, Tennessee


No info about the band.

The Logan label was owned, in all likehood, by Hal Smith (James Harrell "Hal" Smith, born in Alabama in 1923) whose one of the most prosperous ventures was Pamper Music, a publishing company affiliated with BMI.



  1. Al & Jim were also on the label with "Rock-a-Billy Music." The sound quality is similar bad, the backing music sounds like the same band.

  2. Thanks, what a great song, it all sounds real tentative, especially the trumpet solo. I looked up all the writers every which way I could and didn't come up with anything so a mystery it will remain at least from my end.

    Pamper was a great publishing company with Willie Nelson, Hank Cochran, Roger Miller, Harlan Howard as staff writers. It was named after Pamper shampoo believe it or not and ya, in the end it was very successful in 1969 they were bought by Tree Publishing for 1.6 million

  3. rsc list serveral logan issues Lonnie Mullins "it was you" / "since your gone" is great Rockabilly . As is Rabon Sanders "You Tore Your Playhouse down" Where do these artist names come from? Not heard the others