Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Got A Rocket in my Pocket

Another batch of space-themed label pics. Curiously enough, there is NO Rocket label listed in the huge Bob McGrath's RnB discography.

Any comment including the words "Elton" and "John" will be ignored.

Cincinnati, Ohio
country singer Jay Johnson own label
Pressed by King Records, 1962

Appleton, Wisconsin

Gold Star Recording Company
Capitol custom press, 1962
Jerry Williams and his Rockets
(member Bob Timmers, of Rockabilly Hall of Fame fame)

Nashville, Tennessee
A product of the ultra-primitive Globe Recording Studio above Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, the famous liquor haunt around the corner from the Grand Ole Opry. (Cub Koda)

Friendswood, Texas
contemporary square music

Boston, Massachusetts
For the label story, see Mellow's Log Cabin

Branson, Missouri
King Records custom pressing

Crowley, Louisiana
(Glen Owens)
Owner J.D. Miller renamed it Rocko
late fifties

Unknown location
(I'll found one in the end)
(Don Bishop)
A great mystery!

Marshall, Texas

(Ray Strong)
Starday custom series, pressed by King Records in Cincinnati

The Staccato's
Arr. Lew Douglas
Pressed in Chicago by "Midwest Record Pressing", 1963

Alamogorda (sic), New Mexico
(Bill Lamm)
early seventies
Mastered by Sound of Nashville

Unknown location
(The Velvets)
Pressed in Cincinnati by Rite Records

Rochester, New-York
(Ronny Hines)
Fine custom recording

Portland, Oregon

(The Five Men of Swing, vocal Jack Scott)

A product of the Air-Tone studios, Philadelphia

(Johnny Toto and the Nostalgics)



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