Saturday, August 25, 2012

Second Hand Lipstick

The Frankie Herman Band
Vocal by Bobby Sykes

Second Hand Lipstick
(wr Joe Vivier)

Franz Schubert Music

(probably recorded in 1956)

Bobby Sykes
r.n. Bishop Milton Sykes

Born August 6, 1928 - Died November 1994. Worked for Marty Robbins for nearly a quarter of a century. In the same time, Bobby had an extensive recording career of his own, being no mean vocalist himself., recording for Epic (1959-60), Columbia (1961-62) Starday (1963 RIC (1965), Sims (1966) as by Johnny Freedom, Wayside (1967) as by Bob Bishop, JED (1967), ABC (1968-69) as by Bob Bishop, Happy Tiger (1970), Boyd , JMI and J&B.

Before he joined Marty Robbins in 1958, Bobby Sykes had records on Franz Schubert Records and on Decca ("Touch of Loving").

He was singing on a Nashville television show (soon to be cancelled) when he was approached in late summer 1958 by Marty Robbins.
"One day at the Clarkston Hotel coffee shop, I was going in and Marty Robbins was coming out. We said hello and passed by each other, and I heard, "Hey,Bobby.' So I turned around, and Marty said, "What are you doing now that the show's gone off the air? " I said, "Nothing," He said, "you want a job? " I've got an eighteen-day tour coming up. Why don't you take that tour with me ?"

Bobby Sykes discography

Bobby Sykes with the Jordanaires
Having Myself A Ball


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