Friday, September 2, 2011

Bop-Cat Rock

Young Mark was listening Country and Western show to the family radio every Saturday night. He much admired Hank Williams and Webb Pierce. With no musician friend(s) in the straight surrounding area of Billerica, he had the idea to place an advertisement in the Billboard magazine :

Rhythm Guitarist, singer and M.C. Country and Western swing. Young, dependable and sober. Single, gave all equipment, and new car. At liberty Sept. 13, 1954, for work with 3 or more (will consider trio). Exeperienced and a real hustler. Want radio, TV, night club or personal appearance work. Must be flat rate pay. Write or phone Mark Cleary, 5 Park St. Billerica, Mass. Phone Billerica 8582. (Billboard, September 18, 1954)
Young, dependable and sober Mark was bitten by the rock 'n' roll bug after seeing Elvis live at his first Massachusetts show (in Foxboro in September '56) and started a rock 'n' roll band, playing weddings and local bars. Soon he was discovered by a local gay undertaker who was willing to pay for a recording session and the Bop Cat label was born. The label owner lacked connections in the music industry, but he knew he had a hit in the second Bop Cat release "Bop Cat Rock" issued in July 1957.

Small Record co. In Boston, with first release (R&R) « moving fast , » needs a major label to « take over » or a public relations man, agent, promoter, distributor, an individual party or group who have connections, to promote this label and first single nation-wide. Will consider selling master. Bop-Cat Records, 70 Beacon St., Somerville, Mass. Billboard August 5, 1957
Apparently, diskery honchos never read the Billboard small print...

The two Billboard excerpts above are real, but everything else is totally imagined.

I've posted a piece (that's all i've got) of the song at YouTube where I've just opened an account : i'am ATOZ176 , pseudo randomly attributed by Youtube and I've tried to make myvery first video as dumb as possible like so many other Youtubers do. I think I've been successful. (?)

As you will hear, it's rockabilly. And a good one.

Massachusetts rockabilly!

In 1957!

Why the song has never be re-issued is totally beyond my understanding. ..


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