Thursday, September 29, 2011


Two girls, one guy and a transvestite make up Molvania’s most successful pop music act, the award winning Spatzal !, who made it to fifth place in the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest with their catchy dance tune ‘Vlarsh ei Czolom’ (« Your Boogy I am Shaking »). Sadly, the group split up in 2001 (bass player Vron Gzapaov reportedly has a solo album in the works) but such was their influence that there are numerous Spatzal ! tribute bands still touring the Baltic region.

Following the success of their previous LP’s ‘I’m Ready From Yuo ! » (1993) and « Hey Beutifulls ! (1994), Spatzal’s « Let’s Rock !) (1996) proved to be an historic album, described by Rolling Stone as Molvania’s first ever correctly spelt English language release.

Information above is from the essential jetlag travel guide "Molvania, A Land Untouched by Modern Dentistry". Strongly recommended.

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