Monday, September 12, 2011

Goin' On Baby

Big Dave and the House-Rockers

"Goin' On Baby"
(Dave Myott)

Cordé Records

Newark, New Jersey

Late fifties

No info about Big Dave. Some sources assume that Dave is possibly Dave Myott, credited as the writer of the song. The only reference I can find to Dave Myott is that he wrote "Washing Dishes" with bluesman Brownie McGhee. The song was copyrighted in 1963, but I can't find any release of this song?

Cordé Records
was the in-house label of the Hertz Recording Studios located at 38 Halsey St. in Newark. A label "Famous for Cordite Quality" who issued Break Resistant records. Not much really, three as listed in Rockin' Country Style. I've seen two or three regional gospel groups listed on the same label and reference to sixities band recording there : The Sey Heys, the Viscanes, the Creations, The Riptides. In the mid-sixties, the motto of the Hertez Studios was then : "Our Records Speak For Themselves".

But the history of the studio is much older : 20 y. old Harold Ford, later a band leader, made a demo early in the forties at Hertz Studio and was hired by owner to work there playing piano.

According to one source, the studio was an old Church converted into a recording studio. Research shows at the same address, at various times : Robinson Aerial Surveys Inc., High Impact Anti-Crime Program and Johnson's Barber Shop.

The Cordite effect?
Halsey Street today (thanks Google!)
Was the Hertz studio there, where the parking lot is now?

Cordite - A double-base smokeless powder made of gun cotton, nitroglycerin, and mineral jelly and shaped in long cylindrical strands.

In short, a now forgotten explosive...



  1. Only 1 more Corde' 45 from me Corde' (NJ) 45 - 11965 : J. & J. Deuces - Sweet Woman Blues / Little Woman Blues (1965) Both mid-paced blues

  2. Cordite ... now forgotten ... like these rare, virtually unknown records ... except for folks like you. Your effors are sincerely appreciated.


    Rocky Lane