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Jelly, Jelly

Sonny Hines

Jelly, Jelly

Seeburg 5021 (Stereo)


note : the other side of this record has been posted HERE

Few information available on this Ohio singer . He recorded in the late fifties and the sixties. Here is a list of his records compiled by myself, list probably incomplete.

58 Esta
I'm Glad You're Jealous Of Me
This Morning

61 Decca 31290
Give me back my heart
Teardrop Avenue

-- Decca 31373
Look for me
Follow your heart (Benny Joy wrote it!)

62 Terry 111
Sonny Hines - Nothing Like Your Love
Anytime, Any Day, Anywhere

63 Terry 113
All My Love Belongs To you
(I Finally Found) Someone to Believe In Me

65 Terry-Gregory 1001 (label on cover; on label it's Terry only)

All My Love Belongs To You*
I Finally Found Someone To Believe In Me*
Nothing Like Your Love*
Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere*
If I Had You§/
Let The Good Times Roll§

65? Seeburg 5013
Out Skirts Of Town
I Can't Wait

65? Seeburg 5021
Has Anybody Seen My Kitty?
Jelly Jelly

68 Airtown 2005
You Send Me - Bring It On Home
Nothing Like Your Love

The two Seeburg singles are likely from 1965. Produced by the Seeburg juke-box company based in Chicago and leased, not sold, to the juke-box operators, as explained by Seeburg officials (Billboard May 22, 1965) :

CHICAGO – In introducing its Coin Operators Phonograph Performance Society (COPPS) concept around the country in some 48 separate meetings, Seeburg officals were bombarded by operators questions and comments. Here’s a sampling :

Q. Why are Seeburg records leased –not sold ?
A. Two reasons. First, according to present copyright law, one a company sells a record, it can be recorded by other companies. Operators would lose their exclusivity. Seeburg is restricting use of its records to juke box operators. The material can’t be played anywhere else. Second – since the record is not sold, it is legally a « transcription, » and Seeburg can utilize artists bound « commercially » to other labels.
Several numerical series were used, 3000 is the Discoteen series, 5000 the Rhythm series, 7000 C&W series... And few more probably. In these series, earliest records are all credited to the Seeburg Spotlite Band (members were certainly "artsts bound commercially to other labels"...).

Real names were later printed on the label. In the Rhythm series, Tommy Wills was the first artist to be named (Seeburg 5011).

Full page advertising
the new Country and Western series

Billboard July 17, 1965


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  1. Benny Joy also wrote the great "Give Me Back My Heart" that was recorded on Decca by Sonny Hines.