Thursday, September 1, 2011

Heartbreak Hotel

Delbert Barker
and the Gateway All-Stars

Heartbreak Hotel

Gateway Records

May be there is some sort of conspiration around here : this cover version by the great Delbert Barker is unavailable anywhere on re-issue compilation or on YouTube or on any blog!



  1. Svein Martin Pedersen and I are collection his recorded output, but there are still about 70 songs we don't have!
    By the way: A great version.

  2. Nice to here the flip of Blue Suede shoes for the 1st time. From (1956) from my records the flip Blue Suede Shoes also was released on "Uncredited Artist" Dollar Record Club EP - 78 "Buzz Williams Worthmore (OH) EP - 185 (N/C) Delbert Barker) Big 4 Hits (OH) EP - 185 (N/C) Big 4 Hits (Oh) EP - 187 (N/C) Not sure about this side.

  3. DrunkenHobo, I knew this song will please you!


  4. Conspiracy ... maybe ... attitide ... definitely. There's at least one or two collectors out there who feel "I got a copy and you don't, and I ain't sharin'".

    Sad, ain't it.

    Rocky Lane