Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Feel Thunder

Bill Berry

I Feel Thunder

GMA Records

230 North Michigan Ave.
Chicago, Illinois


Of Bill Berry, I known nothing.

Seymour Schwartz, head of Hearbeat Records in Chicago, has formed GMA Records in 1964. Motto : That Million Dollar Sound. I've counted 18 singles issued on the label, the first was "Summertime Blues" by The All-Niters.

Writers -- and producers -- are Neaville and Miller (Arlie and Arlie).

Arlie Neaville recorded also as Dean Carter for his own Milky Way Records

Artie Miller (And The Bullets) recorded for Lucky Records ("Lou Ann", 1960)

16 unissued sides of the two Arlie were released by Buffalo Bop in 1985 (LP The Bop That Never Stopped, Vol. 40).



  1. Nice record. I also like Arlie Miller's "Big Black Train", a great song.

  2. Thanks for the last 3 small label tracks. All were unheard by my ears before. Enjoyed all 3. Cheers

  3. Seymour Scwartz was raised in an orphanage that had a 50 piece band! It's not how I really picture orphanages, I've got more of the Dickens picture implanted in my head. Check out Seymour's full story here
    it's rahter interesting with a small mention of GMA records at the end and no mention of Bill Berry.
    Thanks for the post, I'm not too sure about the female back-up singers, but the sax part is great - maybe it's played by one of Seymours jazz friends.
    Last time I looked up this label I believe that I found the Hard Rock Hotel of Chicago now sits in it's former location.