Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hey, Hey, Baby

The Nite Shades

Hey, Hey, Baby
(Marlene Thumm, Knotty Music BMI)

Seattle, Washington


Billboard ad curiously credits the artist as
Marlene and her tomahawk (?)

The label is best known for its 1961 release by Ray Gentry and the Rovin' Gamblers (Willie Was a Bad Boy / Do The Fly) and also perhaps for the unusual yodelling "Chime Bells" by Sheri Lee Douglas and the Gondoliers. Both records are listed in the Rockin' Country Style website.

Maverick Records was not, as wrote Billy and Jeff Miller in their liner notes of "Everybody's Boppin'" Northwest compilation on Norton Records. a short-lived label.

Maverick Records was a subsidiary of Knotty Music Inc, established in Seattle in the mid-fifties by Ernest Powell (Ernie) Vigars.

Vigars was already active in the music business in the forties (he wrote in 1947 a 17 pages booklet titled "Deal Yourself A Tune").

In 1952, there was an advertisement for The Northwest Songwriters, Inc. for eight new songs. Persons interested were invited to write to Hazel (Blondy) Vigars, corresponding secretary. (wife of Ernie Vigars?)

The online BMI database contains 23 songs written by Blondie (or Blondy) Rule and Slide Rule, all published by Knotty Music. I assume that Blondie Rule is Blongy Vigars? But who is Slide Rule?

Three labels came out of the Vigars diskery : Knotty, Embassy and Maverick. The result of my research regarding these labels can be found below. The discography is probably incomplete. Any comments or corrections would be appreciated.

12065 Beacon Ave.
Seattle 88, Wash.

The Borland Sisters
-Billboard Oct. 15 1955
I'll Be With You When The Roses Bloom / Tomorrow's Too Late

The Borland Sisters - Billboard Oct. 15 1955
Chapel In My Heart / Tattoo

Bobby May & The Knotty Four - Billboard June 16,1956
Put On Your Hat / Have Yourself A Ball

The Sunliners And The Knotty Four -
Billboard June 30, 1956 C&W
Ain't Goin' Nowhere / Uh-Huh

Knotty Records, in Billboard ( July 15, 1957) placed a "Coming Soon" ad : Shirley Strand, The Three J's, Henry Day, John Engebretson, Michele Morgan With Jerry Anderson were the artists listed. But except the Three J's (see below), no releases by these artists can be found.


Shirley Hovey & Jerry Anderson - 1957
Gee, But I’m Lonesome / Meannest

The Three J’s & Lilyce & Jerry Anderson (Dec 57)
How About Me / Spin A Web

12065 Beacon Ave.
Seattle 88, Wash.

Marlene / The Nite Shades / Jack - John - Bill
- Billboard ad, Dec. 21, 1959
Hey, Hey, Baby / I Love You Baby
NOTE: The Billboard ad mentions "Hey, Hey Baby" credited to Marlene and her tomahawk (?)

Bobby May
- Billboard Oct. 12, 1959
Why Do You Treat Me This Way / I Kissed You

Sheri Lee Douglas / The Gondoliers
- Billboard July 25, 1960
Chime Bells / Gray Skies

Duane / The Gondolier
s - Billboard May 1, 1961
Wilderness / Lonesome Light

Ray Gentry / The Rovin' Gamblers Willie Was A Bad Boy —
The Rovin' Gamblers / Vocal - Ray Gentry Do The Fly

Don Thompson / The Yellow Jackets - 1961
Don't Let Me Go / Kathy



  1. Mav-Rick (Puyallup,WA) 45 - 105 Ira Allen Nursery Rock (1959) (P.o. Box 241) Produced By Dusty Rhodes maybe a diff label?

  2. Thanks for the Seattle post. Don't think there was much around that area when Ernie and the wife lived there. Northwest Songwriters was formed on 11/29/1950 with Ernie Vigars being elected president and his wife (as you noted) the corresponding secretary (from the Seattle Daily Times 11/30/1950). Ernie was also quoted in a Billboard magazine (As V Knotty) responding to the question of whether DJ's can educate their listeners whole conforming to current trends. His response ends with "Deejays will be replaced by automation unless they return to artistry and honesty" Bit of a prophet I'd say. I'll see if I can search up more he sounds like a character.