Friday, September 9, 2011

Right Now

Zilla Mays

Right Now

(Danny Taylor- Leroy Kirkland, Flip & Skip Music BMI)

Groove Records


Jet Magazine, December 23, 1954

Zilla was the late night DJ on one of the most important black radio stations of the 50's WAOK in Atlanta where she did the late night show from around '52. WAOK apparently could be heard over an eight state area.

She passed away in September of 1995.

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Zilla, on strike, 1973

The employes of Atlanta Black-oriented WAOK station went on strike againts station management. The incident that sparked the strike began when a WAOK employe, Mrs. Grace Davis, was fired.

Most of sthe striking employes have returned to their jobs when the strike ended, but Zilla Mays and three others were not rehired.



  1. Wow! Thanks a bunch for this one. Wish I had a copy. Is the flip-side by any chance "Take Your Time"?


  2. Nice pounding R'N'R stroller. "Take your Time" came out on Mercury (IL) 45 - 70313 (1954) Zilla Mays & The Blues Caravan Featuring The Boyfriends & John Peek & His Band . UNless she rerecorded it?

  3. Flip on "Right Now" is "Come back to me".