Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gary Criss : Good Golly Miss Molly

Gary Criss (selected) discography

Strand Records
25044 - Good Golly Miss Molly / I'll Love Only You -1961
Diamond Records
114 -Our Favorite Melodies / Welcome Home To My Heart -1962
122 - The Girl I Told You About / My Heavenly Angel - 1962
127 - Long Lonely Nights / I Still Miss You So - 1962
145 - Sweet, Warm And Soft / Little Joe - 1963
182 - Hands Off Buddy / If This Is Goodbye – 1965
190 - This Love Of Mine / My Baby Left Me – 1965
228 - Welcome Home To My Heart / Hands Off Buddy – 1967
Next Gary Criss fronted The Glass Bottle, an American pop band, whose song about bitterness and heartbreak, "I Ain't Got Time Anymore," was recorded in 1970, and reached #36 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in September 1971.

The band was co-produced by Dickie Goodman. Goodman had an advertising deal with a PR firm that was trying to save the glass industry from losing soda pop clients to plastic bottles, so Goodman and partner Bill Ramal formed a group, called them "The Glass Bottle," and produced their album. The group produced two hits, "I Ain't Got Time Anymore" and "The Girl Who Loved Me When," before breaking up and drifing into obscurity.

Good Golly Miss Molly

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