Friday, January 29, 2010

Nick Anthony

From 1957, on the Cindy label, one of many labels owned by George Goldner (End, Gone etc.). Nick Anthony also recorded two singles for ABC-Paramount the following year :

ABC-Paramount 9919
More Than Ever
You're Real Keen, Jelly Bean
ABC- Paramount 9985
Forbidden Love
My Baby's Gone


  1. The mp3 stream works, but when I download the tracks they won't ope in iTunes. Not sure why. Can you re-up please?


  2. Change .mp3 to .WMA then use easyWMA to convert back to mp3 I have found this works with alot of Bobs files with non opening .mp3 taggs The Drunken Hobo. Ohh this is wrongly listed as by RICK Anthony in some Books

  3. Thanks for the tip, Drunken Hobo.

    My early mp3 were (badly) converted with a software, freeware but incompetent. I believe the recent files are now correctly working.

  4. Thanks for putting this stuff up. Just met Nick Anthony in Las Vegas. He is 82 and is a sales rep for Vacation International. Really nice guy who is just finding out about youtube and the internet. Was tickled to see his old recordings.