Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grainger Hunt on Kelley Records

Grainger Hunt

Kelley Records
Box 5494 Midland, Texas

Back In The U.S.A

Stop Leading Me On

Produced by Sonley Roush and Ron Newdoll
An ASKEL Sound

-> Likely recorded in San Angelo at Ron Newdoll's studio on 14 Tyler Ave., called Accurate Sound

Grainger Hunt (left) and Peyton Starr (lead guitarist of The Believers)

Grainger Hunt was the vocalist of The Believers, band from Alpine (Texas). They had records on Le Cam and Josie. More info and pictures HERE



  1. Thanks for the Label shot. I had the A side on a collector CD with mis- spelled name as Granger without the i. Also Bj's guide states Kelley as from (CA) wrongly not (TX) as shown. Kelely (TX)(CA) ? 45 - 103 Shorty Bacon "Your Smiling At Me listed as Rock 'N' Roll but never heard it, Only The (1959) Mohawk (CA) 45 - 103 as Charles Bacon & His Rhythm Rascals. But I'm guessing its a repress? Note the Mowhawk 45 was pressed twice with alt flip sides.

  2. Kelley was one of a handful of labels run by Sonley Roush with others being Knickerbocker (a few 45s by Bobby Osborn) and Westwood. The only other release on Kelley that I'm aware of is a two sided trumpet instro by my neighbor Don Stice and the Debonairs. I'll have a piece up on them close to the end of the summer at LoneStarStomp. There is one other release by the Believers on the AOK label.

  3. Grainger Hunt is my dad!!!