Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rattlesnake Daddy

Wayne Downing
Jimmy Bryant Band

Rattlesnake Daddy
(Marvin Taylor, Lois BMI)
Produced by Bobby Bare

Big J Records 164
Distr. by Highland Records, Los Angeles, Calif.

1962 or 1963?

All releases on the Big J label have a Jimmy Bryant involvment; it's quite possible that it was his own label (in association with BobbyBare?), but it's just a speculation.

Big J listing
162 Jimmy Bryant
163 George Tracy & Jimmy Bryant
164 Wayne Downing
165 Cindy Carson
166 Max Sylvester And the Moonlighters
167 Gambler Bros (Bob And Jack)
"Rattlesnake Daddy" has been much recorded. Most of post-war releases' songwriting is credited to Marvin Taylor (a member of Boots Woodall's Radio Wranglers, who recorded it on King Records in 1947).

YouTube links to some other versions of the song :

Homer Callahan (1934)

Blind Boy Fuller (1935)

Boots Woodall (1947)

Hawkshaw Hawkins (1951)

« Chick » Morris (1957)

Billy Carlisle & The Carlisles (1959)

Ernie Ford And The Everly Brothers (1961)

Hugh Busby And The Shady Valley Boys (1962)

Joe D. Johnson (1963)

Jimmy Swan (1965)


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  1. I actual have a copy of Rattlesnake Daddy some where on my record shelfs. But had not got round to converting it to mp3. Maybe I should do the flipside? From memory its not a hot rocker.

    I'm guess that Breda Darling on Big J 45 - 701 Rockin' Lady / For The Rest Of My Days is another label.

    I have listed as R'N'R but not heard Big J (CO) 45 - 5587 Ralph & Clyde Cold & Dusty Morning / ?