Friday, June 28, 2013

I Can't Wait Till Christmas Day

Lizanne Murray
Lois Jean Ridgely-Don Ricardo
Hartley Music Co. (ASCAP)
A Jarrett Enterprises Release

late sixties?

This song, written in 1951, is also known as "I Tan't Wait Till Quithmuth Day" and was recorded by Mel Blanc on Capitol Records. 

Jarrett Spotswood Lickle and Liz, his wife (born Murray) formed Jarrett Enterprises Releases in Baltimore in 1967, a record label " which will record the best in previously unattached talent, young people who deserve to be heard.  "

Jarrett was better known as Patches.  He was a local children's television personality in Philadelphia and Baltimore in the 50s.  He died recently (in 2012).

 Patches and Liz left local television in 1962 and soon opened
 their own coffee house in Timonium, called The 15 Below,
so named because it was 15 steps under the first floor.


  1. I'm looking for any images (video or stills) of 1960s coffee houses in Baltimore and saw your post here about Patches and Liz and The 15 Below in Timonium. Do you have thoughts about anyone who might have images like these? Thanks!

    1. No idea Sara. Good luck for your search anyway