Thursday, September 24, 2015

I Hear The Jukebox Playing

Knob Hill Pub. BMI
Tinker 104  
Y & W Enterprize
736 Loma Vista Dr. 
Long Beach, Calif.

Blue-eyed blues by a country singer.  Chuck Wyatt also recorded on Del-Aine Records (Nashville?) on which he also produced a Alice Wyatt single.  Knob-Hill, the publisher, was an off-shoot of Artists Productions, Inc. as was Boyd Records, located in Nashville but formed in Oklahoma by Bobby Boyd, a five-eights Choctaw Indian, who worked in most of the John Wayne movies.

There was a Chuck Wyatt in the fifties billed  "The Howling Hillbilly.", heading a Chuck Wyatt Rockabilly Music Show in 1957 and described as a popular western entertainer with his "Kowboy Karavan" in 1958, I don't known if he's the same artist.


  1. Collector (Holland) CD - SLCD 1170 " Smoking The Black Rhythm Rock" :Chuck Wyatt - Corina Corina Guess another artist same name

  2. Tinker (CA) 45 - 102 : Chuck Wyatt - Honey I'm Out Of Money listed in Bj's Guide to Country Rock "n"Roll 45rpm

  3. Just found

    flip of above. So Mr. Clopps puts a white artist on a cd of Black R'N'R just to confuse us all.